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TeraChem v1.91AcademicIndustry / Govt
1-2 machines* $1900/each $3800/each
3-4 machines* $1400/each $2800/each
5-8 machines* $1150/each $2300/each
9+ machines* request price quote at sales@petachem.com  

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* 1 machine is one motherboard with up to 50 CPU cores (up to dual socket) and 10 GPUs

All licenses come with 6 months of E-mail based support (including free upgrades).

System Requirements:
TeraChem requires a 64-bit CPU with 64-bit Linux operating system and at least 1 NVIDIA GPU with at least CUDA 2.0 compute capability (Fermi).
PetaChem, LLC recommends Intel Xeon series CPUs, CentOS 6.0 or later, and NVIDIA Kepler and Maxwell GPUs.

TeraChem User's Guide